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Dragon Age 4: Current Scenario Of Development And Release

After a massive failure of Anthem, Bioware is desperately trying to win back the reputation they had earlier. However, the famous franchise Dragon Age is back again in speculations, and the fourth installment got more hyped than ever.


It is reported that the game was under development since the commencement of the Anthem development. However, there were many issues regarding the team behind the game as they got split to focus on various projects. As a resultant, the game was never be seriously considered as a final project. But now the tables are turned and finally Bioware shifts their focus on the next installment of Dragon Age after Inquisition release.

Expected Release Date

Everybody has the same question, and they are expecting the release date of the game. But we are clearing the air about the game’s release that it won’t be released until fall 2023, so still, it’s a long way to go, and fans have to more patient regarding the next installment.

Trailer Reveal