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Disney Is Not Censoring The Simpsons, Confirmed!

One of the most famous and lovable animated series has come to its end, and fans are sad after hearing this! The Simpsons is a famous series that has entertained us for a long period of time.

The series holds a huge fan base, and after hearing the ending of the series, fans were sad to say goodbye to the series. But the good news we have for the fans is The Simpsons will now arrive on Disney, and reports also confirmed that they won’t Censor the Simpsons.

The Simpsons Are Leaving Fox

One of the longest-running series, The Simpsons, is, at last, concluding after a long period of time, revealed by Danny Elfman. While the Fox network has renewed the series for two additional seasons, it seems like the show is all ser to say farewell to fans after these two seasons. Be that as it may, this theory has not been affirmed by the Fox studio yet.

The Simpsons Producer Claims Disney Not Censoring Series Following Fox Acquisition - The News Villa
Source: The News Villa

At first, we agree that it came out as a failure that The Simpsons will leave the foundation of all the applications claimed by Fox, yet then when the news came out that it is showing up on Disney Plus, it was a significant alleviation.

What We Know About The Arrival Of Simpsons On Disney+

We will have another season of this animated series soon. This is good news for the fans as they won’t have to say goodbye to their favorite series. But we have to wait for a longer time they get the series on Disney.

Disney Is Not Censoring The Simpsons

Reports revealed that the creator of the series Michael Price affirmed that there had not been such an oversight from the new owners of the show, and the animated series had the option to work with no type of losses.

It is revealed that he has not had such direct communications with anybody from Disney apparently, and they simply let them would whatever they like to and make the series that they have been doing for a long period of time.

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