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Defending Jacob Episode 8: What We Know So Far About The Finale Episode

The crime thriller series Defending Jacob which is streaming on Apple TV Plus has garnered huge attention from subscribers, and fans are hooked on what is going to happen next in the show.

What Is Going To Happen In The Apple TV Plus Series Defending Jacob? Here’s What We Know.

The eight and finale episode of Defending Jacob is slated to air on 29th May, which is almost one week after the seventh episode made its way into the streaming service. The eighth episode is titled After which is pretty cryptic and it seems to increase the suspense.

The Eighth Episode Is Set One Week After The Last One.

While fans are hopeful that by the final episode, the Barber family night be reuniting after the tensed argument that occurred between Laurie and Andy. Moreover, the drama has intensified when Andy confronts Jacob and asks him whether he has committed the crime or not. As we saw in the seventh episode, a big revelation happened when Derek brings up the dark and somewhat disturbing website where Jacob wrote all kinds of violent stories, including the story of the murder of Ben Rifkin. This is a big blow in the overall plot gloom is looming large as Andy, Laurie, and Jacob sits in the car where the information happens. Has Jacob really done it? Why were the details so graphic?

With strong hopes of the community accepting the Barbers or not, there is some huge secret that is waiting to be involved in the coming episode. Otherwise, the wait won’t be thrilling enough. Moreover, we will also get to know more about the gangster on whom Andy was keeping an eye on.

Many Secrets Are Going To Be Unveiled In The Eighth Episode Of The Show.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming eighth episodes, with the finale episode expected to turn the story on a whole new dramatic level. The one week gap has surely escalated the suspense on a whole new level. Jacob is still in trouble and fate seems somewhat dark at this point.

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