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3 Tips to Decorate Living Room on a Budget – 2024 Guide

Are you planning to give your living room the much-needed revamp but are afraid that it will burn a hole in your pocket? You need not worry anymore! Today, we have discussed a few affordable tips that will help you transform your living room on a budget. The living room is such a corner of our house, where we tend to spend most of our time and so it is critical to give it the revamp it deserves.

There are several DIYs and cheap switches that you can make in your living room without spending a fortune. Keep reading to know some of the best and affordable revamping ideas that are small on a budget but big on style.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Shop For The Things That You Want In Your Living Room, On Your Own

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Instead of hiring an interior designer, you can save some money by redesigning the room on your own. Before discarding your old furniture and spending your entire budget on buying new furniture, look for the things in your entire house that can be recycled in a new fashion. However, you will not find the sofa in any other room of your house, and so you can spend some part of your budget to buy affordable, trendy sofas. If you come across furniture that is no longer needed in your bedroom, you can place it in the living room. Painting that piece will give it a new look.

2. Houseplants Are Exciting Additions

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When you are looking to add a lively touch to your living room, plants are a win-win. They give good vibes and also add shape, color, and positivity to your space. You can buy a great selection of small and big plants from several spaces available out there.

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The bigger house plant options are somewhat expensive, and so if you are on a tight budget, you can still fill your space with greenery and cost-effective options. Place them near the window so that they do not wilt.

3. Shuffle The Fixtures And Other Pieces Available

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If the room has the same layout for years, you must have got bored. In such a situation, we recommend you change it. For instance, if you have the center table, TV in one corner, the sofas in one wall, try re-arranging them. Pull your furniture away from that wall, include artworks, clear out the pieces that are no longer used, declutter and this will ultimately make your living room look a bit larger.


Trying the above-mentioned tips will make your living room look exquisite even when you have worked on a budget. Having a cute coffee table, an elegant vase of flowers, artworks on the wall, wallpaper, etc. are going to add to the entire look and feel. With these tips, even by spending just a few bucks, you will have the space of your dreams.

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