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Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? Cast And Trailer Of Season 2

Dead to Me season 1 immediately became a tremendous hit with viewers, so much, so that writer Liz Feldman has verified that it will be returning for the second season of the series.

‘I grew up with The Realities of Life, Family Ties, and The Show About The Huxtables That Shall Continue Nameless,’ she said. ‘I continuously desired to work in multi-cam, as a joke writer, but then, once I was in year seven or eight of that, I desired to tell more serialized stories that could have wisdom and did not rely on laugh tracks.’

‘What you are watching in Dead To Me is much over my lens – how I address life. I am a comedian, so my way of handling grief and failure is to feel it and go through it, but also to discover the funny moments. Inevitably, there’s something funny in almost every wicked thing. If you can discover a way to laugh at it, we all understand that that helps. It is my coping mechanism.’

The writer, Feldman, hopes to run the show for as long as possible. She said that ‘It would be the pleasure and honor of my life to do this show for as many seasons as makes sense. I would do this show forever if I could.’

Released Date

While season two of the show has been granted the green light, its release date is not yet on the table.

Season one of the series arrived on Netflix in early May, just over a year after the project was first announced. If the production schedule for season two of the series had followed a similar pattern as of season one, then filming would have begun in the autumn of 2019, which would lead to the released od season 2 at around late spring 2024. The shooting of season 2 ended in December 2019, so that’s on target.

The cast of Season 2

Both Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) will be returning as the leads in season 2.

The two women meet at the Friends of Heaven support group after the sudden deaths of their husband, and the show centers around their relationship which, like the best of them, has its ups and downs, the most prominent being as it was seemingly Judy who murdered Jen’s husband Ted in the hit-and-run.

Other regulars cast include Max Jenkins as Christopher, Jen’s real estate business partner, Luke Roessler as Jen’s youngest son Henry, Sam McCarthy as Charlie, Jen’s teenage son, Ed Asner as Abe, a resident at the assisted living facility where Judy works, and cop Nick (Brandon Scott).

There are also police investigator Ana Perez (Diana Maria Riva), who is heading up the inquiry into the death of Jen’s husband, Karen (Suzy Nakamura), Jen’s arrogant neighbor, Pastor Wayne (Keong Sim), and Haley Sims as Kayley.

One person who won’t be returning in season 2, however, is James Marsden, as Steve. His dead body is discovered floating in a swimming pool.

There’s also a possibility that some new faces could appear in season 2.

One of those new faces will be Natalie Morales, who you may very well recognize from shows like Parks and RecreationGrace and Frankie, and Santa Clarita Diet.


The Trailer of season 2 has not been released yet.

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