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Cursed Season 2: Is It Renewed By Netflix? Details Here

A new fantasy drama series Cursed premiered on Netflix earlier this month. The ten episodes series has left the fans wondering what will happen in the second season of the show. Has the broadcasting giant renewed the series for a second season?

Has Cursed Been Renewed For The Second Season?

The first season of Cursed premiered on Netflix on July 17 this year. It has been a few days since its release, and the fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of Cursed to release. Netflix has not renewed Cursed for the second season yet. The broadcasting giant waits for a few weeks or months to decide on the future of a newly released series or season. Netflix will wait for a few months to know the response of the audience before making a decision.

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Will Cursed Return For A Second Season?

The first season of Cursed ended on a cliffhanger. Nimue is struck down by Sister Iris and drowning but still seems to be alive. Iris becomes the new Lady of The Lake. Since its release, Cursed is trending on Netflix. The show has received positive reviews from the viewers. It is most likely that the broadcasting giant will renew the series for the second season.

What Is The Premise Of Cursed?

Cursed is a reimagination of Arthurian legend. Nimue narrates the story, who is a young heroine. She possesses a mysterious gift. Nimue is fated to become powerful as the Lady Of The Lake. After the death of her mother, Nimue finds a companion in Arthur. He is a young mercenary and is in search of the Merlin. As Nimue and Arthur proceed in their journey, Nimue becomes a symbol of courage. She fights the Red Paladins and their king Uther and leads the impossible.

Katherine Langford On The Second Season Of Cursed

Katherine Langford, who portrays the character of Nimue on Cursed, recently talked about the second season of the show. She said that a lot of story remains to be told. The actress feels that there a long journey ahead for Nimue.

Cursed is an adaptation of a novel written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler.

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