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Colorado Man Found Dead In Car Reportedly Died 3 Days Ago

A Colorado-based woman is found dead in the emergency parking room

A Colorado family asks for answers after a woman sat dead in her car for three days in an emergency room parking lot in Englewood.

The woman died 3 days before she was discovered

According to sources, 50-year-old Yvette Mooney, 50, was found dead in her car on August 23 in the Swedish Medical Center parking lot. She died on August 20, officials said.

Authorities found Mooney after family members hadn’t heard from him for several days. Daughter-in-law Kandra Garcia said they thought she had gone to the hospital to visit a family friend, but they worried when she didn’t call back.

The investigators are taking the help of CCTV footage to find out the truth

The family is now pushing for greater safety at the hospital, but investigators said Mooney’s car windows were blacked out and it would be difficult to see her inside. Authorities are examining surveillance footage for clues.

Until the medical examiner provided the official cause of death.

Mooney, who has been called a “hard worker” all her life, left behind two children and several grandchildren.

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