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Cobra Kai: How Was The Highschool Fight Scene Filmed

From stunts to injuries and accidents

Season 2 of Cobra Kai is a complete package of drama, martial arts, and iconic fights. Every fight scene from the second season was better than the previous one, but the one who took all the eyes to it was the one at the school which took place in the final episode.

The scene with the fight between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do at school after Tory got indulged in a brutal fight with Sam due to the events of kissing Miguel was exceptional. With only the two in front of each other, the result of the battle turns out to be a disaster for both with Sam being booked into the hospital and Miguel ending on the life support after being kicked by Robby.

Buchanan revealed that they only had four days to make it, and it was a scene that is shot without cuts with multiple cameras, with the camera following the action as it progresses.

And although the cast rehearsed a lot, accidents happen. Mouser recalled that she almost forgot that Tory was going to kick her, saying she pulled away just in time: Everyone was like ‘Wow, you really timed it perfectly!’ but I totally forgot that the kick was coming towards my head and I remembered it at the last second. He also revealed that he injured his hand on one of the days of filming and had to go to the ER before returning to film the next day, his fingers still taped together.

The actors were thrilled to explain how the stuntmen moved in and out of the scenes without getting caught in the camera. The list also wanted to acknowledge the more than a hundred extras on the scene, as they gave the actors an extra boost of motivation. They were screaming, they were saying ‘Get it, get in there!’ just yelling the craziest things at us, but it really worked.

Mariduena revealed that she had a harness and they took her down the ladder until her stunt double Noah took over.

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