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Marvel All Set To Reboot Iron Fist And Luke Cage For The Fans

Fans know that the streaming program Netflix has been canceled all the Marvel shows, including Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and various shows, another show may have also been added to this list, and fans are sad. But now some good news appears about Marvel planning to reboot two of the canceled series.

Iron Fist Was Canceled After Season 2

After Iron Fist released its first season on Netflix, fans gave mixed reviews about the show. Regardless, the streaming project continued believing in the show and renewed it for season 2. Fans soon enough began to have a newfound interest in these how, anyway, it was not expected to continue long.

Luke Cage Was Canceled After Season 2

Back in the years, Netflix canceled the series Luke Cage for the third season and chose to cancel it after only two seasons. The streaming platform made the declaration of the cancelation of the series back on October 19, 2018.

Therefore, Luke’s series isn’t getting back with the third season on Netflix. At the hour of the cancelation, Marvel and Netflix said that Luke Cage isn’t returning for the third season, and they are fiery about the individuals who support the show.

Marvel Fixed Iron Fist In One Episode |
Source: Screen Rant

Marvel Planning For The Reboot Iron Fist And Luke Cage For The Fans

It positively bodes well from a business point of view. The streaming program Netflix needed to ensure whatever number fans as could be allowed would watch the shows before Marvel Studios went out of control with the characters, presenting them differently.

First, Marvel Studios could speculatively begin utilizing those characters in the advancement of new projects.

Sorry to report as it’s not actually affirmed by Marvel Studios or Netflix, nor will it actually be, so far as that is concerned. But sources have revealed that they are thinking of rebooting the series. There was also news from the cast of the series. So we hope Netflix and marvel soon take action on their plans to reboot the series.

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