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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3: Release Date, Trailer And Potential Deaths Revealed

Finally, season 3 of Netflix’s hit show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been announced. Fans loved Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina and the half-mortal and half-witch world she had inhabited in October 2018. The show addresses important issues such as identity, family connections, gender, and immaculate disabilities with its dark elements. After part one released in October, all the fans demanded part two and were glad when it was released in April 2019. But the release date for the highly anticipated third part was mostly unknown until recently.

Release Date

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina will haunt Netflix users on 24 January 2024 with the third season. While on 31 October 2018, the Netflix series made its original fitting debut, Sabrina is not a new franchise at all. In 1971 Archie Comics presented Sabrina’s comic book world in a series called Sabrina the Teenage Witch. By 1996, she also had her sitcom with the same title.


Netflix has taken an incredibly unusual direction for the third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

In a way that is either extremely strange or eccentrically clever–maybe both–the streaming giant sets a conventional teaser aside with a music video starring Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka).

Netflix is not international to spend big bucks on shows, but this music video is something else.

Installing high-concept monsters chasing Sabrina and the gang, viewers. Well, the teenagers dance in front of a spooky green studio.

Sabrina does some chores when she says, “It’s going straight to hell when it comes to love,” and that’s hammered at her doomed boyfriend Nick Scratch, Gavin Leatherwood tucks in chains.

It’s probably better to cater to the Dark Lord! In addition to the many commentaries that begged Sabrina not to finish like Riverdale, several people were surprised that there were no more teaser footages.

Who Will Die In Season 3 Of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina?

The conclusion of the final episode left viewers questioning if Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) would be murdered by Lilith (Michelle Gomez). Lilith finished the second season, seemingly announcing a truce with Sabrina, but she could still plan to kill him. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 must address Lilith’s intentions and the reveal where Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle) is hiding.

The makers of the show have deliberately left the end of the series ambiguous, so what Lilith will do in Season 3 is hard to know. Nevertheless, Lilith seems much more likely to become a new Sabrina ally. During the season, Lilith tried to ruin Sabrina’s plans to stop her from becoming Hell’s queen that Lilith wanted for herself after thousands of years of service to Lucifer.

When Nick defeated the Dark Lord, however, Lilith had a better reward than the Queen of Hell. Lilith does not have the Dark Lord to rule Hell, giving her even more power than her under Lucifer. Sabrina was part of the so-called ‘Fright Club,’ which supported her to get the Dark Lord out of the frame, and she agreed at the end of the season to reward her for her efforts.

At the end of season two, Lilith gives Sabrina two presents.

She recovers her magical power, sacrificed by her to resurrect the mandrake, and returns Mrs. Wardwell (Michelle Gomez) to earth. Sabrina and Lilith were able to team in season three in Sabrina to battle their common enemy. Sabrina would like to find a way to overcome the Dark Lord for good so that the apocalypse does not happen, while Lilith would keep him out so that he can not take Hell from her.

This team-up could be part of a larger arc in the third season, where Greendale women face the men.

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