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Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer: The Complete ‘Stranger Things’ Dating Timeline Of The Stars

Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer: Dating Timeline 

When we define love in one word so we can say that love is strange, and in the case of Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, the stars of Stranger Things, it is also strange as two actors who became real-life actors playing the role of a girlfriend and a lover.

Heaton, 25, and Dyer, 22, were rumored to have started dating in 2016, but it was just a rumor. But slowly and surely, images began to appear showing that if they are not a thing, we are turning everything around and looking at things.

By the time 2017 arrived, it became very clear that they were spending a lot of time together, also a quality time while traveling together around the world. According to Marie Claire, it was official until the end of the year, she told the world on the red carpet at the London Fashion Awards. But what to tell them?

In an Interview, Heaton Confirmed about his relationship with Dyer!!!

In 2019, Heaton talked-about dating Vman with his co-star; They understand something that probably no one else will do. They go into high-pressure situations together, but they can share those insecurities or whatever. Great, happy time too.

Only Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer know for sure when their relationship really started. The rest of us can only see the available evidence. And the first clue that the two were meeting was when Heaton published an Instagram photo of a vacation that he and Dyer had taken with two other friends, in Menorca, Spain.

Both attended the 2017 Fashion Awards in London. In line with the spirit of the incident, Dyer wore a burgundy star-studded dress by the coach, and Heaton also wore a canary yellow bomber jacket, also from the coach.

Although Heaton and Dyer’s reps aren’t ready to confirm they were officers yet, this is a strong signal as a sign that they can say they are romantically involved. Becoming a red carpet officer is the equivalent of hitting “In a relationship” on Facebook.

During 2018, the two young lovers often appeared together, such as when they were present at Coachella in April or when they attended the 70th Primetime Emmys in September. He rarely discussed his relationship with the press, at least not for another year.

In an interview with the February 2019 issue of Wee Man, Heaton finally spoke about her relationship with Dyer. Discussing the daily challenges of being an actor, Heaton said it was good to be dating a fellow artist, which may be related to what was going on.

There’s a reason it took so long to confirm that Heaton and Dyer were a couple, but not because they are inherently reserved people. In an interview for the February 2024 issue of GQ, Charlie talked about the difficulty of getting their first big jump together as an actor and starting a relationship with one of their co-stars.

In 2016, both Heaton and Dyer were young actors trying to put their careers on the field. Heaton lived in a youth hostel in 2015 before being cast for Stranger Things. Going to the show was a career moment for both of them, and neither of them wanted to spoil it. Therefore, they moved things slowly. “We really didn’t know what the relationship was,” Heaton explained, respectively.


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