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Chadwick Boseman: Statue In Hometown!

Here is what we know about the statue being build at Anderson South Carolina of Chadwick Boseman!

Well, well, well, at this point in time, you should all be aware of the fact that the confederate movement is staying for right now for some while but at least Chadwick Boseman is getting his own statue.

This event is taking place just after days the news came out about the death of Chadwick Boseman, the iconic actor who used to play the role of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then there was a petition by all the fans to create a splendid statue of this great human by erecting a statue of him in his hometown. Boseman comes from Anderson, a city in South Carolina.

Here is what the petition was made regarding the statue of Chadwick Boseman!

Chadwick Boseman Death Mourned by Hollywood: 'This Is a Crushing Blow' - Variety


This particular petition read that after the release of his film called Black Panther, Mr. Boseman took this task upon his own shoulders to rent out a theatre in his hometown of Anderson South Carolina to show this film for free to all the children who can not afford a movie ticket. This act of kindness was done by him so that all the young boys and girls could be inspired by the tale of this splendid film without the barrier posed by money.

They added that Mr. Boseman is without any doubt a person who can be dubbed as a treasure of America and his accolades go on forever. The petition also read that it is only suitable that his work should be honored at where he was given birth.

Here is what the Mayor of Anderson South Carolina has to say!

Mayor Terence Roberts was contacted by a fellow news media outlet called TMZ and they were told by him that the whole city is enthusiastically working in a permanent tribute by the public to honor the late actor.

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