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Castlevania Season 4: Is It Happening? Has Netflix Spilled Any Updates?

Castlevania is probably the best adaptive screen of a game ever, and one of Netflix’s greatest shows ever. We’re all very interested in seeing Castlevania season 4 happen with gorgeous animated action scenes and a sharp dialog and the characterization of writer and series designer Warren Ellis.

Season 3 leaves plenty to be collected next year–even though the show ended with a fairly bad note for all, particularly Trevor Belmont and Hector.

Renewal Status:

Castlevania Season 2 was confirmed on the first Netflix season. Season 2 of Castlevania was released on 26 October 2018, and on 3 October, the series was renewed. Netflix usually has a relatively fast turnaround when it comes to the renewal of the series.

Netflix’s fast renovations may be attributed to animated shows that take a long time to make, especially because every season in Castlevania was longer than the last season.

The series continues to be successful–it’s squarely on Netflix’s top 10 shows in the US after the release. On launch day, as star Richard Armitage shared on Facebook, it was the top 5.

The production of season 4 is not necessarily going to be slowed down. Still, writer Warren Ellis said in an interview he is consulting with the Castlevania managing director Kevin Kolde on a Netflix animated series called Heaven’s Forest.

What Can We Expect From Castlevania Season 4?

Trevor and Sypha prevented the Lord of Darkness at the end of Season 3 from getting the Lord of Darkness back from the dead, but it was costly: the battle, which left the village ruined with all the villagers dead. The joy the duo felt after Dracula was defeated is ripped off. Trevor and Sypha end the season and leave Lindenfeld for an unknown future.

In the meantime, after Taka and Sumi betray its faith and attempt to destroy him, Alucard is forced to face his mortality. Perhaps he deserves to be locked away in the castle of Dracula and to haunt the land like his father. The tale of Alucard ended in season 3 with a half-human vampire closing the castle doors outside, the heads of Taka and Sumi hanging on pikes to deter visitors.

Since instead, Carmilla decides to take over Wallachia since enslaving humanity. She starts with Hector, the devil master who betrayed Dracula and is now forced to create an army of monsters for the vampire to be used in their war on man. This invasion is possibly the main story of the fourth season.

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