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Carrie Fisher’s Family Doesn’t Want Her Image To Be Used In Star Wars

Star Wars fans were devastated when Carrie Fisher tragically died in December 2014 at the age of 40, just a few months after filming Ryan Johnson’s The Last Jedi. It was completed. Although all of her scenes were achieved when the movie hit theatres the following year, there was still a great feeling of sadness that the actress was no longer with us.

After Fisher’s died, the Family doesn’t want to share his Image in Star Wars?

Jj Abrams used images that did not awaken Leia’s reverse-engineered appearance in The Rise of Skywalker, the General’s arc came to a proper and extremely emotional close, and the effect only saw his daughter’s daughter, Billie, gave a loud explosion. Lourd shares the screen with her as Connix, lieutenant of the resistance.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Put Carrie Fisher's Face On A ...

Source:- CinemaBlend

With the Skywalker saga finally closed after more than 40 years, and the Mandalorians are seemingly serving as a launchpad for new stories set in the Star Wars universe, there are limitless possibilities where the long run Fleeing from science fiction Gaga, you can go here as you enter a brave new era.

Leia again considering by Lucasfilm for future projects?

However, we reported several months ago that Lucasfilm was considering using Leia again for one of their future projects, and while they still hope to do so, it appears they are doing so now. You may have to think twice because the Fisher family does not want this to happen.

Of course, there’s no need to use Leia ever again, Star Wars is more than capable of heading in creative directions that don’t involve the Skywalkers, but Lucasfilm’s apparent insistence that the main saga is somehow tied up. Become one of the most criticized aspects of the franchise in recent years. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this is something they want to fix.

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