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CarJacker Caught By Police Officers After He Was Seen Live Streaming On Instagram

The authority from Florida tells they arrested a criminal carjacking suspect as he was live streaming on social site.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office revealed that on Thursday night, the 20 years old man named Kevin Gaines was arrested at his home following six weeks on the lam.

The authority released body cam clip presenting them watching Gaines’ live on social site, a source reported Saturday.

The sheriff’s office stated on social site, ‘In viewing the clip; Deputy Billy Leven could say Gaines was inside the home.’ 

‘When he pointed his spotlight into the window, Deputy Leven could see the light show up in the live Instagram video quickly before it abruptly stopped.’

An officer is heard speaking in the clip, ‘Get to the home, he just closed his live off and told the police are here.’

Throughout the clip, a woman is heard speaking to the officers encompassing the house that Gaines was not inside.

Gaines was required on an outstanding warrant arising from a December 2018 imprisonment for carjacking.

He was also required for a more outstanding warrant in a different case in which he was involved in riddling a car with bullets from an AR-15 style rifle, according to a source.

That incident happened at a skating rink, and officials stated there were 300 to 400 people there at the moment.

According to officials, Gaines was being held without bond following his arrest.

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