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Cara Delevingne Opened Up About Her Break Up With Ashley Benson On Instagram

Cara Delevingne has finally spoken about Ashely Benson!

Well, supermodel Cara Delevingne has now broken her silence on her breakup from Ashley Benson that happened on Thursday. She did this to defend her ex from all the hate from the internet.

News broke earlier that this couple who were first spotted kissing in August of 2018, had separated in early April with a source that tells People that Cara and Ashley always suffered ups and downs before too. Still, now it is over, and their relationship has just run its course.

Ashley was getting hatred because she was spot grocery shopping with G-EASY after the breakup with Cara!

Back on Tuesday, Benson was spotted while shopping for grocery with G-Easy and just two days later the pair were seen kissing while they picked up a takeout order in Los Angeles.

This news has been reported by E! The internet quickly concluded that these guys were dating and fans who adored the relationship between Ashley and Cara, began hurling all their hatred towards Ashley’s way.

Here is what Cara said on her social media handle!

That did not go well with Cara who immediately took to her Instagram handle to post about this issue.

She said that it is more critical now more than ever to spread love, not hate and to everyone hating @ashleybenson, she said, can stop. Cara added that no one knows the truth about which only she and Ashley are aware of, and this is precisely how things should be.

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