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Burden Of The Truth Season 3: Here’s The Release Date And Story Information

Another legal drama web series which had released its two seasons till now is coming up back again with its third season. We are talking about The Burden Of The Truth Season 3 which had made quite a good fan base and that is the reason why the fans are wanting more of it.

Production Details Of Burden Of The Truth Season 3

But fans will have to wait for a little longer since the shooting and filming process was to begin early summer this year but we all know about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which had resulted in a lockdown of the entire world.

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The deadly virus had affected every type of industry from conducting any kind of public gathering to prevent the further spread of the virus. So we cannot say anything when will things get back to normal and the shooting would begin.

Expected Release Date Of Burden Of The Truth Season 3

We can hope that the third season might come by early 2024. Now talking about the cast, it would include the previous cast- Kristen Kreuk, Peter Mooney and Alex Carter in the leads.

Plot Of The Burden Of The Truth Season 3

The season three would commence from where the second season ended. It would show Joana trying to find out the murderer of her father. So will she be able to do that or there are many troubles on her way would be the whole plot of the upcoming season.

Burden Of The Truth is written by Brad Simpson and revolves around a corporate lawyer who returns back to her hometown to work for her dad’s pharmaceutical company. She finds out that there are some sick girls and investigates the some to which she realize that those girls are the real ones who need her help.

From here the story starts unfolding as she starts collecting truth about the events, her dad and the company. Legal genre is quiet growing well and is really loved by the audience, Suits being the best example to it.

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