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Lucifer: Season 5B To Premiere Next Christmas

Although the pandemic continues, Tom Ellis revealed that the second part of the fifth season of Lucifer could premiere next Christmas.

The uncertainty comes from the hand of the coronavirus. And it is that Lucifer, like so many other cinematographic and television fictions, had to stop its production when the pandemic began. The bad luck for this series headed by Tom Ellis is that they were about to finish filming its fifth season. Thus, when Netflix was already releasing the first part of that season 5, the outcome of it was still pending filming, which has proven that its premiere on the streaming platform is a mystery.

Tom Ellis, who at the time spoke about the difficulty of resuming the production of Lucifer assuring that it would be a challenge. With the restrictions, everyone has to take turns to do their job, so it will have a significant effect on the amount of footage that can be shot in a day has wanted to move forward when the work is completed While Netflix remains silent in this regard, the actor has not risked giving dates, but he has dropped when season 5B could premiere.

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Maybe For Christmas…

In statements to Square Mile, the lead actor of Lucifer he underlined the uncertainty but raised the not too distant horizon for the arrival of new episodes. I’m not sure when the second eight episodes will drop, because we still have the ending pending. We were halfway there. We go back, we start with that, and then we go straight to season six, so I hope it’s ready [season 5B] to launch, I imagine, next Christmas or early next year.

Now that we know that Lucifer’s final finale will come with its sixth season, Ellis is already considering which direction to take when he has to say goodbye to the devil. The interpreter at the moment has no concrete plans, but he knows in general what he would like to do. I’m going to find myself in that territory where people are going to expect only one thing from me now, and I would like to surprise them and do something completely different. That has always been my way of approaching each step.

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