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Bully 2: Current Scenario of Rockstar Game’s Masterpiece Sequel

However, increasing no of projects keeping Rockstar busy, and we expected a potential GTA 6 on the cards with the next-gen console reveal. Indeed we will be getting a newer version of GTA online for PS5 for sure. But what about other projects, we know that GTA is heart and soul of the developers, but Bully is also one of the best franchises ever made produced by Rockstar Games.

Bully 2

However, a sequel is speculating since 2017, and still, we got nothing on the second edition of the game. So what’ the reasons for the possible delay? Is the game even considered for a serious project or not.

Bully 2 Development Scenario

However, according to Developers they claimed that they are working on the project of Bully’s sequel. But Rockstar Games Studios were having a tight schedule, they optimized Red Dead Redemption for the PC systems too. So how can we ruled out there favorite franchise Grand Theft Auto, when GTA 6 is in early development. Many rumors were floating around the game’s release in early 2024. But now it looks like there is no GTA unto two or three years.

Bully 2
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More About Bully 2

So what’s the scenario with Bully 2 as the game is getting much-hyped than ever. The game will be much better with enhanced graphics and a good storyline. However, there will be new protagonist for sure as Jimmy grew up in the primary edition of the game. So all we have to just wait for a proper word from the Rockstar Games and then we can finally come to a conclusion of the game.

Bully 2 Remastered

However, one thing Rockstar Games can do is to bring a remastered version of the game. It would be very nice to play the same game’s storyline with enhanced graphics and textures. It is evident that the game’s graphics were not pleasant at that time and seriously needs a makeover. So it would be easier to bring a remastered version of the game until the next edition arrives.

So we will keep you posted when we find something about the next edition of Bully.

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