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Bride Of Frankenstein: Writer David Koepp Shared Some Details Revealing The Link With The Invisible Man

The reboot of Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe Interconnected Monster movie started almost immediately when The 2017 Mummy was a significant and financial disappointment. Still, writer David Koepp recently noted that he got to Frankenstein’s girlfriend to do it.

After this year’s success of The Invisible Man, today was the foundation. Koepp partnered to discuss the upcoming Left release. The filmmaker hasn’t provided any details about his new approach to the concept. Still, it appears that the current iteration of the story will be more than a reassembly of the idea, rather than merely updating the account with contemporary influences.

Koepp shared with sources.

“It’s independent. Universal Famous tested this great connected horror movie idea on one thing, and it didn’t work, and it worked brilliantly. It didn’t,” Kopp shared. They were shocked to go back and say, ‘Wait, let’s give it a year or two and think about it, and let’s uniquely look at this, and see that the filmmaker … come on, Listen with the filmmakers—typical views.

Universal is still trying to get Bride of Frankenstein off the ground

“And I think the first one that is broken is [Producer] Jason [Blum] Invisible Man, who was very well thought out and well. He was entirely conceived in his existence—the amount of money, which in It gives you more creative freedom rather than less. And I think that kind of shape has been shown to them that they can go with some of their stuff. ”

The Dark Universe originated in 2014 with Dracula Untold

which serves as an origin story for the most famous vampire ever. The film did not meet expectations, although it was not announced as the start of a series of reboots. While fans have long known that The Mummy was a reboot of the original 1932 film, Universal announced its Dark Universe just a few weeks before the film hit theaters, with Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Javier Bardem from various Projects. They Were Connected Despite those official announcements, a girlfriend from Frankenstein’s reboot was slated for the next project, which featured Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon.

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