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Boyfriend Confesses Killing Of A Mother Of Six

Officers discovered a deceased woman in her backyard with multiple injuries

The investigation continues after authorities found the dead mother of six children in her yard in Michigan.

Sources report that the incident occurred just before 1 am Sunday at a house in Woodland near Kelly Road and Morossa. The victim, identified as 37-year-old Katie Elliott, was found unresponsive in her backyard with wounds to her chest and back.

According to family members, Elliot was the mother of six children, ages 10 to 19.

The suspect confessed his crime

The 42-year-old man, whose name has not yet been released, reportedly contacted police shortly after the murder and admitted he was responsible.

Neighbors who lived with the couple told them they had never heard of an argument or quarrel from the house.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family is raising money for her children, as well as to organize the funeral and funeral.

The charges and the punishment is yet to be disclosed. The suspect is behind the bars as for now until the judgment comes.

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