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Boy, 5, Dies After Table Fell On Him At A Wedding Reception

A 5-year-old boy died from a table that fell on his head at a wedding reception in Illinois

According to the reports, the boy died after what appeared to be a horrific accident at a wedding reception at the Drake Hotel in Oakbrook, Illinois, last week.

The boy dropped a table on himself

Police sources told the news channel that the boy, identified as Luca Berlinger, was seated on a granite-topped table behind a sofa where other children were playing. The boy was joined by other children sitting on the table, but when the children got up, the boy began to slide off the table, clinging to the edges. It is unclear whether the table was tilted at the moment the boy slipped off, but when he was on the ground, the tabletop or the table itself fell on his head.

The boy was unable to retrieve

The emergency room doctor would attend the appointment and provide the boy with cardiopulmonary resuscitation while continuing to provide rescue assistance after the paramedics arrived. The boy was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

This is an evolving story and all information is preliminary.

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