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David Harbour Gives His Phone Number To Stranger Things Fans

Stranger Things star David Harbor may be the best person right now. Is this an exaggeration? Am I on top? Not at all The man behind Sheriff Hopper went to Instagram just to share something special for his fans: his phone number.

Harbor fans want to text and share how their day is going, where they are, their handling of Instagram, how life has been in these difficult times, and basically their heart’s desires and anything … for the cause. Inside

Naturally, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for each person to respond.

And if David Harbor decided to change his cell phone number for this weekend, we don’t blame him. But based on her Instagram post, it seems Harbor wants to do her best to respond to as many people as possible, and hopefully connect people along the way.

I think this is a wonderful (albeit risky) gesture on their part, that many people are stuck at home trying to figure things out. Perhaps having a conversation with David Harbor would be the perfect way to spend the day.

However, you may take it easy on weird things. We will all learn about season 4 in due course.

Harbor is not the first celebrity to think outside the box during these times of social unrest. For example, John Krasinski of The Office has started his series, Some Good News, which reports only positive and encouraging things happening around the world. It has two episodes and has captured the hearts of millions. Have you captured today’s episode with the original cast of Hamilton?

It is nice to see celebrities who can provide the best way to entertain. I know I appreciate it, and I will probably text David Harbor to this day.

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Kane Dane

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