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Boston Doctor Allegedly Abused Her Wife For Months Before Murdering Her


A wife who was purportedly killed by her doctor husband accused him of choking and threatening her with scissors and was so afraid of his torture that she took out a restrictive order.

The remains of Kathleen McLean, 45, was discovered by Massachusetts State Police in an outdoor area near the couple’s Valley Road home in Dover on Saturday.

Her husband, Dr. Ingolf Tuerk, 58, was arrested and charged with her murder and is expected to be indicted today in Dedham District Court.

Documents have revealed that McLean told police her husband abused her on a daily basis during their marriage, just months before her murder.

The couple, who had been living together for two years, were tied the knot in December.

Strangling And Torture

Just two months later, in February, Tuerk was facing charges that he had strangled her and cut her with scissors.

McLean also confessed that Tuerk was physically abusing her, and she was filing for divorce.

She also stated the fact that she was afraid of Ingolf and did not know what would be the outcome when she filed for divorce.

She revealed to her family members and two friends who were police officers about the abuse in case any casualty happened to her.


She said he had lost his job and sat around the house.

Mclean had reported her husband as angry and very controlling and claimed he beat her so many times.

But court documents reveal that early this month, the pair had settled, with McLean asking for the controlling order to be lifted.

Sudden Chang Of Mind

She said she did not want to pursue criminal charges with the couple agreeing to attend couple’s counseling.

She added:

‘I feel safe and would like to bring my family back together with my husband, she confessed it in an affidavit on May 2nd.

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