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BoJack Horseman: 5 Lessons From The Show That Made Huge Impact On The Fans

BoJack Horseman is easily at the top of the biggest TV shows ever made. It is, in reality, in the elite classes for television in its entirety. The approach of the show to relationships, to mental health, to life, and any hitting subject may be refreshing and blunt.

The intellect and production standard of the series exploded in a glass. The last season swung hard, and its audience split into small, morsel-sized bits. And some more philosophical lessons that trigger crises.

#1. Life And Death Has No Guarantee Of Stability

In “The View From Halfway Down,” BoJack encounters the people killed in the film, as he faces death himself. As he died, he knew he had at least a sense of balance, and something BoJack craves when his life was painful. Death did not offer it, and it was described as a dark pit.

#2. Being Happy Takes Work

Mr. Peanutbutter had been a mess in BoJack’s entire journey. He just seemed to be given “happiness” on a silver platter, and he had been very productive in life. He could create connections in seconds but never was he satiated or satisfied despite his extreme happiness.

In the last few seasons, Mr. Peanutbutter came to know his default mode, and his drive to life would carry him to the safe and convenient paths. So he’d live happy, but never happy.

#3. Don’t Excuse Toxic Behavior

Princess Carolyn is one of the best characters of the series. The heel of her Achilles was her hero complex, noble yet tough, and particularly her constant cleaning and covering of the BoJack didn’t mature well. In the final season, Princess Carolyn succeeds in saving Bojack’s image from being tamed with an enjoyable interview. Still, BoJack does a follow-up interview almost immediately and fails spectacularly, despite her wishes.

#4. You Never Really Stop Loving Someone

Princess Carolyn dated BoJack a couple of years ago, but that relationship would just not work. And while at her wedding in Judah Princess Carolyn assures BoJack that she will always love BoJack, she is concerned with him, not passion. They shared many memories as a family, and these could be cherished.

#5. Friendships Evolve

The most surprising indication of this shift was when Todd declined to let BoJack go for a party in his house, as BoJack feared he would start trouble. Todd’s early-season version would probably have brought BoJack in nonchalantly. Yet experienced, Todd admits that the flaws of his friend will influence him. Todd also accepts the company of BoJack with some new ground rules as a good guy.

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