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Black Mirror Season 6: Why There Won’t Be Another Season Until Two Years?

Dystopian science fiction anthology series Black Mirror made its debut on television in 2011. After two seasons on Channel 4, the series moved to Netflix in 2014. Over the years, Black Mirror has gained several followers. The fifth season of the science fiction series released on the broadcasting giant’s platform in June last year. It has been more than a year, and the followers of the anthological series want to know when the next season of Black Mirror will premiere on the broadcasting giant’s platform?

Black Mirror: Is The sixth Season Of The Science Fiction Series on The Cards?

The fifth season of Black Mirror made its debut on the broadcasting giant’s platform in June last year with three episodes. The fans are eager to watch the next season, but to date, there is no news on the renewal of the show for the sixth season. Netflix is yet to give a green signal to the science fiction series for the sixth season.

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Black Mirror: Why There Won’t Be Another Season Until Two Years?

If the series gets a nod for a new season, then the followers of Black Mirror will have to wait for at least two years to watch the new season of the series. The makers of the series usually keep a gap of two years before releasing a new season. The last three seasons released with a gap of one year, but due to the prevalent conditions, the fans will have to wait longer to watch the new season of Black Mirror.

Charlie Brooker On The Next Season Of Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker, the creator of the science fiction series, recently said that he is currently working on comedy. The creator is not working on the sixth season of Black Mirror. Due to the spread of coronavirus, Brooker feels that the viewers will not be interested in seeing stories about societies falling apart.

Black Mirror: What is The Plot Of The Science Fiction Series?

Black Mirror takes inspiration from the older anthology series. and shows humanity’s relationship with technology. Each episode of the series is a different story.

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