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Black-Ish Spinoff: Production Status and Much More

It looks like the Ish family is getting its further expansion and fans are already hyped for it. The Black-ish is having its six seasons and now it is speculated that there will be no seventh season but there will be a spinoff on the cards.

Black-Ish will get its spinoff Old-ish and ABC holds the responsibility to bring it to the audience.


Old-Ish penned by Barris and the show follows Dre Johnson’s parents Ruby and Earl giving their love a second chance.

Expected Release Date

However, the projected release date for the show is October, 4 this fall. Meanwhile, there were no delays recorded for the series and the spinoff will follow its desired schedule. It is evident that we are currently seeing projects getting delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic as the production phases are not to the point where it should be. The restrictions are opposing the swift functioning of filming and thus the delay is imminent. But in the case of the Black-Ish spinoff, the development of the show already commenced last year and the show wrapped up before the Covid-19 happened. So it must be a huge advantage for the showrunners and AMC that they can bring the show on their desired schedule.

Mixed-ish' Review: 'Black-ish' Spin-Off Has Complex Issues to Unravel -  Variety

Source: Variety


Currently, there is no trailer for the spinoff and we are wondering why it been not public yet. The show tends to release next month and the trailer is missing from the web. However, we can expect the trailer in a few days or maybe two weeks prior to the release of the show.

The Hollywood Reporter is the first one who gives an update about the show and for more information you can visit Hollywood Reporter.

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