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Black Entertainment Television (BET) Founder Robert Johnson Slams Demonstrators For Plunging Confederate Statues

BET organizer Robert Johnson hammered the individuals who topple Confederate and different sculptures over the US as “marginal agitators” — and contended the demonstration signifies “completely makes no difference” to dark Americans.

Johnson, who as of late required the legislature to give $14 trillion in reparations to the relatives of bondage, revealed to FOX News Wednesday that the development to bring down sculptures, drop TV shows and fire educators is insignificant to support the dark network.

Johnson said-

Individuals tearing down sculptures “have the mixed up presumption that individuals of color are lounging around applauding them saying ‘Gracious, my God, take a gander at these white individuals. They’re planning something so significant for us. They’re bringing down the sculpture of a Civil War general who battled for the South,” Johnson said.

“You know, individuals of color, as I would like to think, individuals of color snicker at white individuals who do this a similar way we chuckle at white individuals who state, ‘we got the opportunity to remove the TV appears,'” he said.

“[It’s] equivalent to improving the patio seats on a racial Titanic,” included Johnson, who turned into the nation’s first dark very rich person in 2001. “It completely amounts to nothing.”

Dark Americans, Johnson contended, would profit more from auxiliary changes like financial uniformity.

“See, the individuals who are essentially tearing down sculptures, attempting to say something are fundamentally marginal rebels, the manner in which I take a gander at it,” Johnson told FOX. “They truly have no plan other than the thought we will topple a sculpture. It won’t close the riches hole. It won’t give a child whose guardians can’t manage the cost of school cash to attend a university. It won’t close the work hole between what white specialists are paid and what dark laborers are paid. What’s more, it won’t take individuals off government assistance or food stamps.”

He likewise dismissed dropping TV shows like “The Dukes of Hazzard” in view of the Confederate banners that show up in it, and the transition to put a preamble toward the beginning of the film “Gone With The Wind,” notice of supremacist content.

Johnson additionally lashed into white big names

Who utilizes their online networking stages to apologize for their race.

“You know, that to me is the silliest articulation of white benefit that exists in this nation. The thought that a superstar could jump on a Twitter channel and state, ‘goodness, my God, I am sorry to the point that I am white,'” he said. “I don’t locate any individuals of color jumping on Twitter and saying, ‘Gracious, I’m so sorry I’m dark.’ And we got the most noticeably awful issues. … My thing is: grasp being white and make the best choice.”

Johnson asked white Americans to plunk down with dark Americans and ask what they truly need.

“White Americans assume that on the off chance that they simply kind of genuinely or intense things that individuals of color are going to state, ‘Goodness my God, white individuals love us since they brought down sculpture of Stonewall Jackson,'” he said. “In all honesty, individuals of color don’t care at all.”

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