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Billions: Are All Seasons Available On Netflix?

Billions are now in its fifth season on Showtime and are only growing in popularity.

This is where Billion is streaming on Netflix, why he’s probably not streaming in his area, and where he can stream instead.

Do you have billions on Netflix in the United States?

Sadly, billions are not available on Netflix in the United States in 2024.

Even then, some Showtime series like Shameless is still running. Showtime now decides serially (usually early in a show’s life) where each show broadcasts and preferably selects its own broadcast platforms. This is now the case for Billion, who will likely be taken over by the new CBS “brand home” streaming service on the way.

You can find a list of Showtime titles on Netflix here.

In the case of the Arabs, Showtime chose to keep the program exclusive to its own platforms. You must subscribe to the Showtime app, but it is also available as a channel plug-in through Amazon.

Where are billions streaming on Netflix and when are the new stations coming?

Many regions currently transmit billions. These include Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. All of these are currently airing through season 1.

In the case of Brazil, Mexico and Japan, new episodes are broadcast weekly on Netflix.

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