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Better Call Saul: These Characters Won’t Be Seen In Season 6

Crime drama series Better Call Saul has been increasing the suspense game higher with each and every passing season, now it seems like there are some big characters in the series which might not be in the next season of the show. Let us take a quick look at some of the details of the series and these characters.

How Far Are Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Connected To Each Other?

Fans who have watched the popular series Breaking Bas knows that some characters won’t be coming back by the time the story of Walter White begins. However, as the story is getting all the more complicated with Saul Goodman around, we need to keep a lookout for.

Why Are Some Of The Characters Not Present In Breaking Bad?

Major characters, including that of Kim Wexler, Nacho Varga, along with Howard Hamlin and Lalo Salamanca, are nowhere to be found in Breaking Bad, which is surprising considering how crucial their role is in the plot.

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For instance, Howard Hamlin, who seems to be on the cleaner side, did fall in bad terms with Jimmy time and again. However, fans are assuming that he might be taking his own life or maybe falling into disgrace as a lawyer with time. Things don’t look suitable for Nacho Varga, either. While he seems to be aiming at saving his father from the grasp of Gus and the Salamancas, overall this time, his character has grown out to be one of the most liked characters in the series.

What Is Going To Happen To Kim Wexler In The Hit Crime Drama?

While some of these characters and their fate are still undecided, fans are particularly looking forward to Kim Wexler. Kim is Jimmy’s rock all along, and we know that her future is closely linked to Jimmy transformation, and now we need to keep a lookout for that. Is Gene’s new life leading to Kim’s end? Well, fans need to keep a lookout as both the series are so well connected that some major questions are all saving up with time. We need to see it!

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