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Batwoman: Who Is Replacing Ruby Rose For The Main Lead Role In Season 2?

It was recently announced that Ruby Rose has decided to step away from the role of Batwoman. CW’s Batwoman is just a season old. Ruby Rose played the titular role of Batwoman in the series. The actress recently announced that she will not continue playing the role of Batwoman.

Warner Brothers have since been searching for an actress to replace Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

Someone Has Expressed Her Interest In The Role of Batwoman

Jade Tailor has expressed her desire to step into the shoes of Ruby Rose and portray the character of Batwoman on the small screen. Tailor believes that she has what it takes to play the role. She believes that she can be the next savior of Gotham City.

Jade Tailor - IMDb


What Did Jade Tailor Say?

She tweeted on her Twitter account that Since Ruby Rose is no longer playing the role of Batwoman, the production should cast someone who has fighting skills. Warner Brothers should cast someone who has already portrayed the role of a badass on the screen for the last 5 years. The actress loves working crazy hours.

The actress is known for her of Kady Orloff-Diaz in The Magicians.

Why Did Ruby Rose Leave The Show?

Ruby Rose’s decision to leave the Batwoman surprised everyone. But the decision to leave the show was not entirely hers. The show required long shooting hours. The actress is not used to shooting for long hours. She was even not able to adjust to the city of Vancouver where the show was being shot.

Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' exit wasn't all her choice, says source


What Else Happened?

Rose also felt some tension on the sets of the CW’s Batwoman. When she was cast for the role, her casting received a lot of backlashes. The backlash forced Rose to quit social media. She even sustained an injury on the sets while shooting a stunt. The injury left the actress paralyzed and needed immediate surgery.

Will Tailor Fit In The Role Of Batwoman?

Tailor’s role in the show The Magicians proves that the actress can explore the darkness. She can bring depth to the role.

It has to be seen who is cast as the new Batwoman by the Warner Brothers.

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