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Batwoman Season 2: A New Joker Will Be Introduced!

Batwoman saw Bruce Wayne drop a big bomb in his Season One finale, something like that. The only thing is that his face hangs over Tommy Elliott, also known as Hush, who has been surgically altered to look like Gotham’s favorite son. Although, it is possible that the launch of “Batman” in Season 2 is thwarted by the existence of the Crown’s clown Prince himself.

According to sources near WGTC, the same people who told us that Kevin Conroy played Kingdom Come Dark Knight in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and that The CW developed a spin-off from Arrow did both: The Joker becomes him bring to return Gotham City in Batwoman season 2. However, we hear that when the characters find that he is still alive, this is revealed to be false.

Where Is Joker in the Arrowverse? Now We Know
Source: BetaSeries

Jocker Comeback Or Not?

We don’t know exactly how the Joker’s comeback will come about, but it could be related to Hush’s big twist in the end. Let’s say that in Arrowverse, the clown knows Batman’s true identity. Maybe Bruce didn’t kill him and had been lying down and recovering since then. But when Hush begins to disguise himself as his enemy, he can’t resist returning to Gotham to rechallenge the bat, although you will be disappointed that Bruce is a fake.

This is only a complete guess at this point, but in any case, adding the Joker to the mix can help cool the controversy that after Ruby’s departure, Kate Kane will be removed from the show and replaced with a new character Ruby Rose. Similarly, other reports say that scarecrows may also appear. Losing her lead actress is a big hurdle for Batwoman season 2, but maybe she can keep her momentum by kicking out a bad guy like Joker?

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