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Batman/Catwoman: What You Should Know About Upcoming Comic

The announcement of Batman/Catwoman was made last year. Ever since, the fans and followers of Batman and Catwoman are looking forward to the release of the comic book, Batman/Catwoman. Almost after a year, the launch date of the much anticipated comic book was revealed. Here is everything we know about the arrival of the upcoming comic book, Batman/Catwoman.

Batman/Catwoman: When Is The Comic Book Arriving?

The fans of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have been eagerly waiting for the release of the comic book Batman/Catwoman for a year. Written by Tom King and Clay Mann, the comic book will be launched on December 1 this year.

Batman/Catwoman: What Can The Fans Expect From The Upcoming Comic Book?

The upcoming comic book series will have 12 issues. The comic book will explore the on and off romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Batman/Catwoman will continue from the Batman# 85 edition. At the end of the 85th edition of Batman, Bruce Wayne had pledged his love to Selina Kyle. The upcoming comic book will celebrate the love between Batman and his lady love Catwoman across three different timelines.

Tom King's Batman/Catwoman comic launches in December |


In the first timeline, the readers will see the past of Batman and Catwoman, and how and when the two fell in love. In the second timeline, the readers will be taken to the distant future. Batman and Catwoman have been married to each other for a long time, and Batman has now passed away. After the sudden death of Batman, Catwoman goes on a mission to avenge the death of her husband.

Batman/Catwoman: What Will Happen In The Present Timeline?

In the present, Andrea Beaumont or the Phantasm, who is Bruce Wayne’s ex-girlfriend, has returned. She threatens the romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The return of Andrea leads to each character to decide how they will operate behind the masks and in their personal lives.

The upcoming comic book Batman/Catwoman will be completely different from Batman. Written by Tom King and Clay Mann, the comic book, Batman/Catwoman would be published later this year on December 1.

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