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Bachelorette Couple’s Wedding Pushed Ahead In Time Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers were looking forward, four years after being engaged, to finally tie the knot this summer. The wedding plans will, however, have to be postponed.

As Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima appear on “The Group Date” on Tuesday, they are hosting a weekly Instagram Live. Despite being self-isolating–Fletcher and Rodgers said that they were obligated to find alternative wedding choices amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We haven’t announced the date of our wedding yet, but that summer,” Fletcher said, adding that she didn’t freak out because she was in great touch with her vendors, and figured that her platform was “very flexible.”

“Today, however, our wedding planner called me and said, Hey, where’s your head with it all? And I’ve been like, Ok, we’re fine. And she said to us, Hear you absolutely, but the issue is that your venue now starts to reserve up until 2024. We’ll wait until the last minute to see if we have to reschedule.”

The former Bachelorette is now starting to experience anxiety. They had a nice talk about coping with it, so it’s like where they are. This day they can never hesitate just to hurry to do it. However, if it can’t be as they want it to, they’ll do it when they can. They know that they couldn’t force it down with Jordan. So, that was the struggle.

Will They Wait For Another Year?

“Four years have passed, so what another year?” Rodgers beat up a surprised Fletcher. She asked, “Another year?!”

He told her, “No, I am kidding.”

Authentic To Us

Rodgers and Fletcher engaged in their 2016 Bachelorette season. The ESPN analyst again suggested a new ring last August. That summer, they announced that they prepare their wedding actively.

On Instagram Live on Tuesday, Rodgers noted that he and Fletcher wanted their marriage to be “authentic to us,” but they did not want to think about the presence of strangers. They don’t want people to think about the trip around it, so they’ll probably see to reprogram to next year when they don’t want to.

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