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Astronomy Club Season 2: Is It Canceled By Netflix?

Astronomy Club deals with a different concept and the audience gave a much positive response for the show. However, this year is too harsh for the whole of mankind and there are several projects that are lagging behind.

TV shows are getting canceled by streaming platforms respectively and there are various reasons to justify their actions. The economy is crashing and streaming giants have to bear major loss after the pandemic.

Astronomy Club Season 2

As we already mentioned that axing TV shows for their own good will not be questionable at all. Netflix already dropped 20 shows from its lineup and Astronomy Club is one of those victims who experienced such harsh treatment from the streaming giant.

The comedy series dropped by Netflix after its initial season, so that must be more disheartening for the fans and they can’t cope with the fact that show got canceled and there they hoping for the sequel.

So if you wondering that Netflix didn’t cancel the show or there were just rumors, then it actually happened and confirmed by the streaming giant itself.

Astronomy Club' Cast Open Up About Netflix Canceling After One Season |  IndieWire
Source: IndieWire

Reasons for Cancelation 

There are many reasons for the cancelation and the upmost reason is the economical setback faced by the streaming giants. So they have to take the decision after consideration of all major factors. So the storyline won’t do justice to the show and it got removed from the further plans of Netflix.

Another reason is the priority of scheduling, Covid-19 makes the production phases almost crippled and there were no filming sessions recorded. So it directly affects future projects and Netflix doesn’t want to jeopardize the situation with reviving old shows.


This is something to look for as the production phases halted in March 2024 and Astronomy Club didn’t commence their production for sequel season. So it would not be a total loss for the streaming giant.

Possibilities of Revival

However, the show could only be revived if another platform decided to acquire the rights and proceeds with the production phases. We already witnessed some of the shows got revived after their cancelation and it could not be ruled out in every possible way.

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