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Artemis Fowl: Movie Delayed Again! Here’s What We Know So Far

Artemis Fowl: Movie Delayed!!!

As well as Artemis Foul’s best-selling novel is a film adaptation. The Disney-produced film of the same name will hit theatres this year. Artemis Fowl is a series of novels written by the Irishman Eoin Eoin Colfer. Fantasy novels first appeared in 2001. The series had 8 novels and was completed in 2012 by Artemis Fowell and The Last Guardian.

The author described the novel as Die Hard with fairies. The novel opened up to largely positive reviews. He also sold a large number of copies and topped the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.

This is not the first time when it’s delayed!!!

Many critics praised the novel for the way Colfer wrote it, mixing emotions, magic, and humor. Some also referred to the novels as the upcoming Harry Potter. But Colfer was not very happy with the comparison. He believed that the series had its own reputation.

Due to the success of the first novel, the film adaptation was always on the cards. But many doubted whether the film would be a challenge for the Harry Potter films. Therefore, the discussions did not take place until 2011. Some more problems were delayed until 2013.

In 2013, Disney announced that a movie would be made based on the first two novels. This will be done in conjunction with the Weinstein Company. In 2016, Disney invited director Kenneth Branagh, screenwriter Conor MacPherson, and executive producer Judy Hoflund to act in the film. But the company was pulled from production operations because of sexual charges against Harvey. And the film, which will be released in 2019, was postponed until 2024.

Release Date:

The film was slated for release in May 2024. But, the recent coronavirus epidemic that has gripped the world has forced them to postpone the release. Therefore, we are not sure of the new date. But, if the virus is kept under control in June, we hope to be able to get the movie in July 2024.

The movie was in development since 2016, and it took a long time to get here. So when the movie finally hits us, we have high expectations. And if everything works well, a masterpiece awaits us, and it will be worth the wait, respectively.

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