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Arrow Star Stephen Amell Is Now Accused Of Racism On Sets

Stephen Amell, the protagonist of ‘Arrow’, has been criticized and accused of racisms after starring in statements related to the protests that are happening in the United States under the slogan Black Lives Matter following the death of George Floyd. Much of the population of the United States is taking to the streets to demonstrate against the racism that society lives under the slogan Black Lives Matter.

Now, in the midst of this situation, actor Stephen Amell and protagonist of ‘ Arrow ‘ has been accused of racism after statements that have been widely criticized.

It all happened a few days ago on the podcast ‘ How’d You Do It ‘ that Grant Gustin was originally going to be on, star of ‘The Flash’, but the day before he informed Amell that it did not seem the most opportune.

Stephen Amell grows emotional talking about end of 'Arrow'
Source; Page Six

“He texted me very courteously and calmly yesterday and said that with all that was happening in Los Angeles, perhaps this was not the right time to spend 45 minutes talking about how he became such a giant TV star and adorable, “Stephen said then.

It is in the middle of his podcast intervention that he says the words he has been criticized for: “Racism is a systemic problem, but I am not so familiar with it because I have not seen it in action, personally. Obviously, I watch the video of George Floyd killed by white cops and I remember the Trayvon Martin case and all the things that have been going on. ”

“Although most of that, for me personally, has been overshadowed by gun violence. This is what is difficult for me to understand when moving to the United States, simply because that does not happen in Canada. Not at all,” he says.

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