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Anne With E Season 4: When It Will Arrive After Some Heavy Disputes?

We don’t know why, but teen drama always stole our hearts, the audience always tends to connect the show and creates an interface between them. Anne with E is also one of the shows which got much love and positive responses all around the world. Now the show is headed to its fourth season, and we discuss the journey of the series.

 Renewal Status

Anne With E faced so many complications regarding its renewal, Netflix canceled the series for further renewals. Producers of the shows had heavy hearts and reached the audience and issuing an apology to the fans. They asserted the fact with great remorse as they want to continue but can’t.

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Beloved fans & friends of #AWAE, I’m sorry for the sad Netflix/CBC news today ? I wish it could be different but it cannot. We have reached the end of the red Green Gables road after 3 wonderful seasons. My heart is heavy but I am so proud of this show – proud of my talented cast, crew, writers, and directors for working together so passionately to bring my vision of #annewithane to life ? I am grateful and humbled by this experience and I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share this beautiful, meaningful story with all of you, my kindred spirits? I know you have loved this series as much as I have and I thank you for that forever and a day ? ?#annewithane #neverforget #kindredspiritsforever #differentisntbaditsjustnotthesame #beautyisallaroundyou #sharethelight #adventureawaits #lovethenaturalworld #aheadbyacentury #practicekindness #loveoneanother #loveisloveislove #beagoodfriend #maketheworldbetter #foreverandaday ? PS: I have many more pics and stories to share ?? Love, MWB ???‍♀️ photo @michaelkuijl

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Petition for Season 4

Every action has a reaction which shook the world, the decision made by Netflix brought up a wave of heat among the fans. They filed a petition on for the fourth season of  Anne With E. Fans are desperate wants the show onboard, and they already raised their voices for the potential fourth season.

Here’s the link for the Petition by the fans, which already have 500,000 supporters and counting. Currently, the numbers are increasing and reach the mark of 692,387, and they wanted as many signatures to bring the show.


  • Geraldine James as Marilla Cuthbert

  • R.H. Thompson as Matthew Cuthbert

  • Palmar Abuzeid as Sebastian Lacroix

  • Dalila Bela as Diana Barry

  • Lucas Jade Zumann as Gilbert Blythe

Current Scenario Of Release

However, there is still no confirmation from the streaming giant, which also signaled for a possible delay in the show. It is also reported that there are chances that will get renewed for another season, and it will be around for sure. If everything goes in the favor or Petition, then Netflix granted the wishes of the show.

However, there are no such reports regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and its role in delaying the seasons for a long time.


Trailer and Teasers are totally dependent on the confirmation and some pieces of the filming schedule. Neither of them is confirmed for a possible trailer to display for the fans. Hence it is what it is, and it looks like Netflix is playing with the emotions of fans.

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