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Anne With An E: Will The Petition Force Netflix To Revive The Show?

The Canadian drama Anne With An E is a join venture adaptation between two leading online streaming platforms Netflix and CBC. So you can definitely imagine the reach of the show and therefore it’s a success.

What Is Anne With An E All About?

The show is basically an adaptation to a novel titled Anne Of Green Cables written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. And we have three seasons of the same. The show revolved around an orphan Anne who has good problem-solving abilities because of which she finally gets acceptance and recognition from her family and school peers.

Initially when she was adopted by the man his wife and children were not at all happy with the decision and Anne had to even face a lot of discrimination among her school mates. But eventually, things started working out in her favor and we saw the show after its third season was brought to a happy ending.

Anne With An E
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Well, well this ending did not go along with the loyal viewers who are deeply disheartened after the show was canceled for further more seasons. And you have even seen or some of you might even be a part of the petition that has been signed now, by millions of fans worldwide urging Netflix to bring back the show. If you have seen the last season everything was brought to an end on a happy note. But fans are demanding that since the show is based on a novel so there may be still a lot more to curate for the audience.

Showrunners Have Not Decided The Fate Of The Show

But the showrunner of this period drama in an interview and at various places clearly stated that there is nothing left that can be converted into episodes and hence a brand new season. She even stated her intention to make a movie even and a new season but things are not at all working out after a lot of trials. However, she was very emotional and teary-eyed after seeing such a huge response that was totally unexpected that the show received.

Seeing millions of fans requesting the show to make a comeback has just left them awestruck but unfortunately, we feel now this is the end of the show. We know how attached one gets with a show because of so many factors that result in its success and when it comes to an end we are deeply saddened with the fact. But we know good things come to an end and so is this show.

Hope so that not Netflix but some other online streaming platform may take up the show as we have seen in many other cases. So let’s remain positive and stay tuned with us.

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