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American Gods What Is Known About Season 3?

The American Gods Season 3 is a series on a novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. It is a fairly and brilliant adaptation of the story into a fantasy drama tv series.


The concept on which the American Gods can be explained as based on the immigrants of America who had brought their Gods over thousand of years back like Slavic deities, African Trickster Gods to Egyptian Gods of the afterlife of the Ancient times. It has been shown in the previous season that these gods have been forgotten by society as the time has passed. So as the new Gods have arrived, the old gods have learned to fight back along with ex-con shadow moon thrust on the battlefield by Mr. Wednesday, his enigmatic boss.

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American Gods Season 3 Release:

The third season of the American Gods is said to follow the shadow moon while moving to Lakeside under a new name, Wisconsin, to hide from the new Gods. It was announced that the new season of the American God’s was renewed to be premiered on Starz and Amazon in 2024. As of now, there is no official news for the release of the new series of American Gods. Due to the corona pandemic, we can soon expect it to be arriving in the year 2024.

What The Season 3 May Have?

As there are no details officially about the story of the American Gods season 3, it is, however, believed that the new series will be keeping its narratives from its previous seasons. Further, the fans already know that the Shadow moon was the son of Odin and a girl as well and also that Mr. Wednesday was Odin. The upcoming season is expected to reveal the actual purpose of the Shadow and what the Shadow Moon had a play in the war between the products.

The Cast of American Gods Season 3:

The cast of the third season of the American Gods is believed to have Ricky Whittle, who will play as Shadow Moon, Emily Browning to play as Crispin, Glover to play as Mr World. Further, Laura Moon is said to be contained from the records of the cast members to get the infantry season 3. Earlier it was also told that new faces might get additional, but for this, the fans might have to wait for the official information. Till then, just stay tuned.

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