Amber Rose Dumped By Baby’s Dad On This Father’s Day? Breakdown Of The Viral Rumor

Amber Rose facing off with her child’s father, Alexander Edwards? The founder of Strategic Wake and her boyfriend ignored each other on Instagram. At this, he passed strange messages that showed signs of trouble in heaven.

AE has no male partner

Instead of sending tribute to AE on Father’s Day, Amber shared her bike with someone who was unclear. AE has no male partner on his arm and arm, although AE has tattoos.

Amber Rose Debuts Face Tattoos — See the Photos | Allure
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All you want to do is  don’t hurt people, “so the mother of two posted on her Instagram story, and in a series of verses,” Self-love is not selfish. No, or don’t want to say. Feelings are real feelings.

Father’s Day Was Celebrated

Mead was not silent. Apart from pressing the subscription button, he did not share the post with his family, even though Father’s Day was celebrated. The last post with Eber and his grandson was posted in April last year.

Def Jam Registry executive directors Amber Rose and Alexander Edwards first met in 2015 through a mutual friend, but in 2010 they did not start dating until 2018 after releasing her until the 21st. By April next year, she thinks she will have a child with AE.

The Happy Package was born in October with the black symbol of Nick’s pink guitar. He is the second child. She also shares a son with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. They separated in 2014 after a year of marriage.

Amber Rose’s baby father looks at her like he once was. Alexander “AE” Edwards appeared on Thursday in the new music video for the West Hollywood Times. She falls in love with Rosie Baby when she enters her role as a child who brings her game into the world of love.

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