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Amber Heard’s Sister Didn’t Wanted Her To Marry Johnny Depp

It was recently reported Hollywood Actress Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez saying that she never wanted her to marry Johnny Depp. She begged her not to marry him because of his alleged violence towards Amber.

Was Depp a Violent Husband?

Johnny Depp has been proved a violent husband as he has been described as a “wife-beater” by an article posted on The Sun Website. And after this, he has been suing the News Group Newspapers and the journalist denying to accept that he was never a beater, and he was never violent towards her ex-wife.

Amber Heard says she 'did not want to expose' Johnny Depp | Ap-top ...

Depp and Heard had been married from 2015 to 2017. Henriques has stated that she had observed bruises and swelling on her sister’s face and frame in advance once they have been in a relationship. She also said that she was suspicious that time and knew something is wrong when she noticed her sister’s swollen face and mark under her eyes. She knew since then that she had been hit, and the things are not right between them.

She had also confronted her about what was happening between them, but that time Amber did not tell the truth and blamed her instead. When she advices Amber that she must leave and get out of this relationship, Amber replied that she could not leave him. They fight, but they love it even harder.

What does Amber think About Depp Now?

Earlier, Amber used to hide this habit of Depp of being Violent towards her when they were married. She said she didn’t want to expose him, but now after getting testified, she had everything mentioned in the court was right, and now she wants to be alone.

Johnny Depp had physically abused her, and at that time, she didn’t want to expose him to the world about his abusive character. But Depp denies this in the testimony and says that he was never like that; instead, he was the one who got abused by her, and she had been violent towards her and not him.

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