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Amber Heard: How Johnny Depp Accusations Cost Her Career, The Complete Incident Explained

In 2016, many invested in domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp. According to Amber Heard’s testimony about the accident, her ex-husband had beaten her and at one point, he shot a video of himself throwing a glass of wine in a rage. He said this would happen when Johnny lost his temper and threw him out, verbally and physically.

Petitions call for firing Amber Heard as L'Oreal's spokesperson
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Of course, people gathered behind Amber and condemned Johnny’s actions, despite statements by his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and best friend Doug Stanhope that he would never harm a woman. He even went so far as to call Amber a gold digger and a liar, who was under his belt and disrespectful to other victims of domestic abuse.

It has been almost three years since their case and divorce were decided in court. So why are we discussing it again in 2019? Well, because people are changing sides after Johnny Depp filed a $ 50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber and proved guilty of abuse.

What happened to Amber’s career after false accusations?

The tables have been turned and now Amber Heard is discovering that her career as a Hollywood actress may be over. He was reportedly expelled from Aquaman 2.

Audio cassettes have been released and have been the subject of many online reports. One reference was to replace her as Mera in the Warner Bros. comics. and DC Aquaman and the other to remove her as a representative of L’Oreal Paris.

The domino fell after Amber Heard’s appeal for a $ 52 million defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp was dropped. The 33-year-old actress’ career seems to be coming to an abrupt end.

Amber Heard removed from Aquaman:

Reports come from Hollywood claiming that Amber Heard was removed from the sequel to Aquaman and then expelled indefinitely from any future Warner Brothers production.

To add insult to injury, Hollywood sources say the actress found it difficult to secure roles with a defamation suit that had been suspended on her head, and now that the courts have rejected her appeal, it is also completely rejected.

L’Oreal to drop Amber as their representative:

L’Oreal Paris came under a lot of pressure to remove Heard from his role as a representative after rehearsals that he was the victim of her last marriage but has not yet commented.

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