Rock Your Internet Experience Using These 7 Amazing Internet Tools

Everyone knows how to use the internet but only some know how to navigate expertly through the online world. That’s right, the world of the internet is as amazing as it can be and to add more to the amazement, it comes with some special tools.

These special tools are designed to make your online experience even better, giving you a new perspective on this digital world. What are these amazing tools? We are here to check these out. We’re sharing some of these tools that you can add to your list and use daily to improve the way you view the internet.

Before we begin, make sure that your internet connection is also up to par so that you do not face any kind of lag when online. If you want a recommendation, you can check out Comcast internet plans to get one for yourself for a smooth internet experience.

With a stable internet connection, let us check out some amazing internet tools to get started with:

1. Olark


When it comes to running your online brand, you need to ensure that everything’s on top of its game. Here, customer service is as important as your entire operations. An estimate showed that more than 90% of the customers tend to return to the brand/ site that offers excellent customer service.

Therefore, level up your customer support game by using Olark. It makes things simple and easier to use by engaging in communication with the customers whether you’re online or not. It’s a small pop-up that can be placed at the bottom of the site, which the visitors can use to communicate in case of any issue or query.

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2. Text Expander

Writing emails is hectic, especially when you have to write hundreds of them, daily. It takes time, and effort, and going through so many emails every day is surely tiring. But what if we tell you there’s a tool that will write your emails with just one word?

You read that right! Text Expander is the tool that will make emailing simpler. You’ll need to input some effort into designing the best email template. Then, using this tool, you can add it to a generic keyword.

For instance, you’re emailing customers for discounts with sign-up. You can create your email and add it to the ‘sign up discounts’ keyword. The tool will then automatically write the email when you type in the keyword, saving you from the hassle of writing the email repeatedly. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Pomofocus


Having trouble concentrating? Can’t seem to focus on the task at hand? Well, not to stress because, with Pomofocus, you’ll get your work done like never before. This tool is designed to help users with work completion while increasing their focus.

How? It works on the principles of the ‘Pomodoro Technique’. This technique breaks your tasks into intervals, adding breaks in between. Although some would agree to complete the task in one go, if you’re easily distracted, then this tool will surely help you focus.

Simply initiate the timer, and it’ll automatically run it for the task while prompting you for breaks. You can set a maximum timer for 25 minutes.

4. Blossom

If you ever feel bored with your project management software, then there’s always Blossom. As pretty as its name, Blossom allows you to manage your tasks, to-dos, and much more in an intuitive manner.

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It’s as simple as rearranging your post-it notes on a blackboard. The unique and simple interface makes it easier to manage small to large projects. In addition, Blossom operates on the principles of Kanban, which creates iterative delivery cycles, engaging your team in a coordinative workflow.

In other words, it helps you focus on the tasks as well as collaborate with the rest of the team without having to face the conventional, boring workflow interfaces.

5. Buffer


If you’re working as a simple media manager and have tons to do, then Buffer is the tool that you can count on. Using the Buffer extension, you can easily manage your social media interactions without any hassle.

It offers assistance with post-scheduling, interlinking, posting on multiple platforms, and much more. In addition, you also get in-depth analytics about what your social media presence means, post engagements, and everything you need for managing your social media management.

Plus, you also get to publish content with any collaborators you have with your project and it also helps with audience growth. In other words, you’ve always wanted a social media assistant, and this is it.

6. Image to Text Converter

There are times when you’re looking at an image and finding a quote or some sort of information that you find useful. But since you can’t copy or drag it from the image, you’ll have to manually write it down or do anything else about it.

But with Image to Text Converter, this hassle is no longer going to bother you. This converter makes it easier to find text of any kind on the given image. Amazing right? All you need to do is upload the image that you want the text from and click on the Submit button on the converter.

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It’ll take some seconds to process the image for capturing the text, and then it’ll display the text available on it right away. It is that simple! Now, if you want any quote or text of any kind, simply drag it to the converter and that’s that!

7. Noisli


If you’re looking to enjoy natural music while working, then Noisli is your pick. It’s similar to ‘A Soft Murmur’, which generates background sounds such as rain, fire, crickets, birds chirping, waves, etc.

It’s truly amazing and allows you to generate sound to focus in a calm and soothing atmosphere. In addition, you can also play multiple sounds together, creating a mix of your own according to your taste and likeness.

8. Closing Notes

Well, there you have it! With the abovementioned tools and apps, you can improve your online experience and enjoy it better than most people would. Keep this list handy because it’ll surely come to your rescue now and then.

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Kane Dane

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