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Accused Allegedly Stabbed 5 People At Hanukka’s Party At Rabbi’s Home

The violence an “act of domestic terrorism,” called by the governor, after a suspect was arrested in Harlem in a crime of stabbing and wounding five people.

The police revealed that on Saturday night, a robber with a big knife burst into the house of a Hasidic rabbi in a New York area, killing and injuring five people just as they were assembling at Hanukkah’s party.

The violence happened at around 10 p.m. as many people were celebrating Hanukkah at the rabbi’s house, Chaim Rottenberg, in Monsey, the authority reported.

On Sunday morning, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, coming at the rabbi’s house, described the assault as an “act of domestic terrorism.”

A suspect had been caught in Harlem and was turned over to the governments in Rockland County, where the assault occurred, the New York Police Department told.

The 38 years old suspect named Grafton Thomas is from Greenwood Lake and is facing one count of first-degree burglary and five counts of attempted murder.

Sunday morning, the cop revealed that two of the victims left in the hospital. According to the officials, one victim is in a dangerous condition with a head wound.

Mr. Thomas, firstly recognized by the police as Thomas Grafton, has no criminal history and is considered to have acted individual.

The investigators were reported that the officials take Mr. Thomas into the as a suspect, but he did not plead guilty to all accusations.

A Monsey resident named Peggy Green, who is Jewish, reported that she was at the Evergreen Kosher Market at about 10 p.m. while she heard that there had been a stabbing nearby on Forshay Road.

The market, which is usually open until midnight on Saturdays and was active with people shopping for Hanukkah parties, shut early, Ms. Green told.

Ms. Green, who lives firmly, stated she attempted to drive near the rabbi’s house but got Forshay Road blocked off by a long line of ambulances and police vehicles. Ed Day, county manager for Rockland County, sentenced the assault, a source explained.

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