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Aaron Rodgers Talks About His Future, Shocking Revelations Here!

The infamous quarterback Aaron Rodgers asserted some facts about his future, and some of them are pretty harsh for Green Bay Packer’s fans.


Within the current circumstances, every player is missing practicing on the field and remembering good old days. The players have not on-field workouts and only engaged themselves in virtual meetings. There is no idea when the training starts and when the restrictions will come to ease.

Lockdown and social distancing measures are to be followed strictly, and thus there is no scope for practice, and thinking about the regular season will not be appropriate.

Virtual Call

Rodgers asserted many facts on the zoom call and cleared the air about his future. He said:

He didn’t know what the future holds and how he controls this year and his play and more about approaching his attitude. 

The Draft is getting closer, and Packers already traded up to Draft Jordan Love in the first round of April’s Draft. He bought to fill in the shoes of Rodgers, and he also concluded some facts about it.

He said: If he retires on the team’s timeline and that will be all well as the packers are already looking to move on. He said that he could control his play and performance, and his leadership qualities can’t be questioned. 


Recently he is affected by his split with Danica Patrick, and the sports world shook after the couple’s breakup. But he still opted silent on his recent happenings and when things got ended with his long time girlfriend. They start darting in 2017 after his split with actress Olivia Munn, and the speculations were not confirmed until 2018.