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A Vampire Drama Series Thrist In The Works At HBO

Here is what we know about the upcoming vampire drama on HBO called Thirst!

Well, well, well as for this week, there are various sorts of projects that look like they have been put together through a game of Mad Libs. As of right now, you guys should all be aware of the fact that we have received a vampire drama that is set under the process of construction under HBO.

Yes, you have read this news absolutely correct because this is now happening honestly. The title of this show is Thirst and it looks like it is the original supernatural drama show that comes from Marco Television Studios as well as former Empire writers that is Leah Benavides Rodriguez as well as Carlito Rodriguez.

Here is what the crew members of this vampire drama Thirst look like!

This tale is going to narrate the story of an Atlanta rapper who is pretty cocky and he finds out that the hottest group of hip hop singers is actually a secret cabal of vampires itself.

Thirst': HBO is Developing a Hip-Hop Vampire Drama Series - Pop Times UK

A fellow new media outlet called Variety has reported that HBO is creating this hip hop drama named Thirst from a writing team of Lean Benavides Rodriguez as well as Carlito Rodriguez who happened to be the former writers on the hit drama on Fox called Empire. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the logline about the new show and here is what it looks like.

Here is what the story of Thirst is all about!

Thirst throws the entire spotlight on a rapper from Atlanta who is pretty cocky and he thinks that he has found his correct path to stardom. This happens when he gets in touch with the hottest group of hip hop band but he has actually no idea about the terrifying secret which they are hiding away. It should be known that they are all a family of vampires with roots that go back to centuries.

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