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A New Tiger King Series With Nicolas Cage Confirmed At Amazon Prime Video

Netflix’s incredibly popular documentary Tiger King has inspired several spinoff series, and one of them, and the next project starring Nicholas Cage as Tiger King, is heading to another streaming service. Amazon Prime Video has signed up to help build the project, Variety reports. In the early stages of development, the series was originally tied to CBS Television Studios and Imagine Television, but Amazon has committed to developing the Exotic project with CBS and Imagine.

Nicolas Cage Appear In Tiger King Series

While the original Tiger King took us into the world of big cats and involved us in a dangerous feud between activist Carol Buskin and zookeeper Joe Exotic, Cage’s new series has some clear differences, the biggest being the format. The eight-episode series will follow Exotic’s battle to retain ownership of their zoo, which we got to see from Tiger King last spring. When the project was first revealed in May, it was described as a look into the life of Exotic. Cage’s Tiger King series marks the second major television project featuring colourful Netflix Doctor characters.

Tiger King Series With Nic Cage as Joe Exotic In Development at Amazon

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Plot Of The Series

While Cage now has Amazon behind his series, Saturday Night Live comedian Kate McKinnon is developing her own project Tiger King that recently got a multi-stage premiere on Mayur, NBC and the USA Network. McKinnon will star in the scripted series as Beskin, a passionate big cat rescuer who aims to take down the alien and shut down his zoo.

After the March debut of the Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Scramble and Madness, Exotic worlds and instances got here into Hollywood’s possession. Netflix posted an episode of a previous show hosted by Joel McHale, producer Rick Kirkham offered a special pay-in-view program, Investigation Discovery Network is planning a series and even other miniseries. It is. And Beskin is now cast in the new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, featuring his first Survivor song, duh, 1982, Eye of the Tiger.

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