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A Man Abducted A Random Woman From Her Backyard, Physically Assaults Her

An Abilene resident accused of abducting a random woman from her backyard, then physically assaulting her, has been captured.

Joe Rodriguez, 31-year-old, was taken into administration Friday for Aggravated Kidnapping in association with an occurrence that took the spot in July.

Court papers affirm the victim was outward attempting to corral a dog that had fled when a man in a hoodie, later recognized as Rodriguez, ran up, jumped out, seized her from behind, then overpowered her into his backseat.

Rodriguez later “frightened to annihilate her if she cried or made a sound,” as per the papers.

He ran around, watching for an isolated place to park while retaining the victim’s head down on the console. The papers state she was incapable of fighting him off or leave because his doors were secured.

Once he discovered a spot to park, the papers state Rodriguez ascended into the backseat and coercively physically assaulted the victim, even snapping her throughout the exploit.

Subsequent to the assault, he unlocked the door and shoved her out before running away.

The victim then proceeded to Hendrick Medical Center, where she underwent a physical assault exam.

DNA data from that exam was passed to the police officials Thursday as a match for Rodriguez.

When given his identity and photo, the victim states she doesn’t know Rodriguez and concludes he is entirely unfamiliar to her.

Rodriguez continues in the Taylor County Jail on a $500,000 bail.

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