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32-Year-Old Mother Stabbed To Death By Ex-Lover


A Mother allegedly stabbed to death in the street outside her home, pleaded for help with terrifying screams as she was knifed in front of her young daughter, neighbors have said.

Beautician Melissa Belshaw, 32, suffered disastrous injuries in the attack outside her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, yesterday afternoon.

Troubled neighbors say a man believed to be an ex-lover broke glass windows from the door of her home with a golf club before the horrific incident took place.

A neighbor, in his 40s, was also injured as he tried to tackle the knifeman, but Michelle was declared dead at the scene.

A 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder and ventured murder and will remain in custody.

New Salon Launch

Friends and neighbors said Melissa was about to launch a new salon as she looked to make a fresh start before she was killed.

Some neighbors heard the screams, and some reached out for help but unfortunately couldn’t save her.

Friends, Neighbors, and Family said good words about Mellisa and how cheerful she was. She got a new project and wanted to begin her life from scratch, but unfortunately, God is against her will.

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